It’s a rainy start to the week here in Chicago, but the good news is that spring has officially arrived and it seems like the snow won’t be back until at least November. Of course it’s not like there was much of a winter this past year anyways, what with unseasonably warm temperatures in January and February, plus almost no measurable snow during either of those months. So the inconvenience was mild at worst. But look at me, wasting time talking about the weather. There’s a full edition of Pick Your Poison to dig into! Don’t miss downloads in this set from Benjamin Munoz, Blake Banks, Remada and Wuh Oh. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Amanda Fondell, DYLYN, Leonce, M.E.S.H., Moon Duo, Njomza, Phantoms (ft. VERITE), Rationale, Sloan Peterson, Spoek Mathambo (ft. Damao & Suga Flow), tricot and Xiu Xiu.

Bamboo – Hey Hey Hey (TSM Edit)

Benjamin Munoz – Melle

Blake Banks – 2 Lanes

C. Scott and the Beltones – The Great Divide

The Nickajack Men – Marilyn

Remada – A Better Tomorrow

The Werks – Magic

Wuh Oh – Hairstyle


Amanda Fondell – Naked

DYLYN – Secret

Leonce – Advent

M.E.S.H. – Softsat Car Drum

Moon Duo – Sevens

Njomza – Hear Me

Phantoms – Just A Feeling (ft. VERITE)

Rationale – Deliverance

Sloan Peterson – 105

Spoek Mathambo – Black Rose (ft. Damao & Suga Flow)

tricot – DeDeDe

Xiu Xiu – Turkish March