Sometimes you wind up with a set of music on Pick Your Poison where it seems like none of the names are the least bit recognizable. That’s okay thogh! The primary point of this regular segment is to highlight new and emerging artists so you can have a chance to discover something new. Today’s collection might seem all new to you, but I do encourage you to dip your toe into the music pool and give some of these a try. You might just find your new favorite band. If you’re in need of a little guidance, let me provide a couple recommendations. Brooke Aulani’s new track blurs the line between electronica and sultry R&B. Enjoy some bouncy garage rock? Cende most certainly have that covered. Then there’s Hoop (not to be confused with Hoops!), who make very meek and insular rock music that’s also beautiful and personal. I’d also suggest giving The Proper Ornaments a shot. Not a lot of bands can do The Jesus and Mary Chain justice, but theur effort is highly admirable. Other artists in this set include Aaron Dilloway, Joan Shelley, Kwaye, Nightlands, Nkisi, Rejjie Snow (ft. Ebenezer), Two Inch Astronaut and Xavier Omar.

Brooke Aulani – You Got Me

Cende – Bed

Hoop – Marlin Spike

The Proper Ornaments – Deep One Perfect Morning (Jesus and Mary Chain cover)

Aaron Dilloway – Karaoke With Cal

Joan Shelley – Where I’ll Find You

Kwaye – Cool Kids

Nightlands – Fear of Flying

Nkisi – Parched Lips

Rejjie Snow – Flexin (ft. Ebenezer)

Two Inch Astronaut – Snitch Jacket

Xavier Omar – Afraid