Happy Friday! Remember when that Rebecca Black song was popular because of how excruciatingly bad it was? I despised those that took the song seriously and used it as their theme song for days like today. These days we’ve got a far better option to get us pumped for the weekend. It’s far better, and best appreciated in video form, though only listening to the audio provides some inspiration if only because you recall the images and dancing while doing so. But this trend too shall pass. I’m reveling in the moment though, and am starting to wonder if there is a quintessential song that we can call the all-time weekend-starter. Like, if you had to pick a single song to listen to on Friday afternoon for the rest of your life, what would that song be? I don’t know if I could make that sort of commitment, though if I did it’d probably have to be something classic I’ve loved for years and wouldn’t ever get tired of. It’s a tough choice. Chew on that while you’re relaxing in front of the TV or something this weekend. In the meantime, please enjoy these fresh from the harvest mp3s in today’s Pick Your Poison. Highlights include tracks from Autumn Owls, Crystal Castles, Cultfever, dEUS, Dracula Lewis, The Glitch Mob, Midnight Magic, Naytronix, and Parade of Lights. In the Soundcloud section please keep an eye on streams from The 1975, Dinosaur Jr, Milano Sun and PAWS. Have a great weekend!

Alex Vans – Chase the Night

Army of Freshmen – America, You’re Breaking My Heart

Autumn Owls – Patterns

Cave Painting – So Calm (Vondelpark Remix)

Crystal Castles – Wrath of God

Cultfever – Strangenecks

dEUS – Ghosts

Dracula Lewis – Permafrost

Electric Empire – Changin’

The Glitch Mob – We Can Make the World Stop

Kodaline – All I Want (Everything Everything Remix)

Marian Call – Highway Five

Matt Bauer – Tonight We Get to Sing Our Songs

Midnight Magic – Diamonds

Naytronix – In the Summer

Parade of Lights – Just Give It Up

Red Clover Ghost – Cowboy Killer (Days Fade Away)

TJ Kong and the Atomic Bomb – Eyewitness On the Run

Tumble 4 Ya – Like Me

Two Door Cinema Club – Sleep Alone (The Golden Pony Remix)


The 1975 – Sex

Bastille – Free Love (Original Mix)

Dinosaur Jr – Pierce The Morning Rain

Hammock – (Tonight) We Burn Like Stars That Never Die

Milano Sun – If You Go Home Alone

PAWS – Sore Tummy