I am what you would call a Beach Boys fan. The reason I word it that way is because I’m a bit selective in my fandom of the band. If you want to talk about Pet Sounds or Surfin’ USAr or even a greatest hits record, I’m on board. Most of the other stuff I could care less about, save for a handful of songs. I respect their legacy, but don’t really like some of the inter-band drama they’ve had over the years. To me, Brian Wilson’s return to the Beach Boys in the last couple years was a bit of a triumph, especially after his personal difficulties. For much of 2012, the band has been celebrating their 50th anniversary by reissuing some of their classic albums, recording a new one and touring around the world. I happened to see them when the tour came through Chicago last May, and it was a great time. They played all the hits, and to see all the remaining members together on stage was a genuine treat. Unfortunately all is not well with the Beach Boys. Mike Love, who owns the Beach Boys name, announced a couple days ago that following the band’s final UK tour dates coming up he was kicking Brian Wilson, Al Jardine and David Marks to the curb. Basically Love said he only got everyone back together to make a ton of money surrounding the 50th anniversary of the band, and now that they’re done with that he doesn’t want them around anymore. On the other end, Wilson said in an interview that he, Jardine and Marks had so much fun during this tour and can’t understand why Love wants them gone. Jardine has backed an online petition to try and keep the original Beach Boys intact. What’s ironic to me is that a guy with the last name Love could be so heartless. I’m just glad I got to see them together before this whole thing blew up. I wish them all the best and hope they can find a way to settle any differences there might be. Okay, let’s talk Pick Your Poison for today. Recommended tracks come from Cardio, Dazzletine, Immigrant Union, KOPPS, Night Moves, Paper Diamond and Undesirable People. In the Soundcloud section don’t miss streaming songs from Andrew Bird, The Weeknd and Woods.

Birds & Batteries – I Want You (DOOMbird Remix)

Calvin Love – Magic Hearts

Cardio – My Old$chool

Dazzletine – Plumage

Eleni Mandell – Bun in the Oven

Gus By Heart – Hideous Sounds

Idea the Artist – Sheep Jumping Fences

Immigrant Union – My Heart’s A Joke

Kjartan Blue – Old Woman

KOPPS – Digitalis

NEØV – Windvane
NEØV – Windvane (Korallreven Remix)

Night Moves – Headlights

Paper Diamond – The 40 Thieves

Parker & the Numberman – Farmer’s Heart

Silver Medallion – Money Can’t Buy

Tusks – In the Beginning / Give It Time

Two Door Cinema Club – What You Know (E-603 Remix)

Undesirable People – Eugenics

Ungdomskulen – Facemask (Stockhaus Horse Face Remix)

Zucchini Drive – Gospel Oak (ft. Elissa P)


Andrew Bird – Three White Horses

The Bet – Bourne

Champs – St. Peters

People Get Ready – Windy Cindy

The Weeknd – Sirens (Rough Mix)

Woods – Give Your Light Off