What a start to the week! I don’t know about you, but I’m not the biggest fan of Mondays. Today though, was pretty spectacular music-wise. First, Death Grips got into a fight with their label, Epic Records. See, they promised their fans they’d be releasing two records this year. The first was The Money Store, which came out in April. They completed their second record, “No Love Deep Web” a few days ago, and it was slated for an October 23rd release. Epic backed out of that release date though, and told the group they’d now like to release it “sometime in 2013.” Well, one of the things you probably shouldn’t do is piss off guys that call themselves Death Grips. In a series of angry tweets last night, they said they were just going to put the record up on their website starting at midnight PST on October 1st (today). As they said, the label people will be hearing the album at the same time as everyone else. Well, not only did it go up on the site for streaming, it was up for free download too. Of course since then their site has crashed and will probably take a few days to repair. In the meantime though, feel free to stream/download No Love Deep Web from Soundcloud, or just download the whole thing via Mediafire or DepositFiles. Nobody’s trying to stop them from giving it away, at least not yet. Once that genie is out of the bottle, there’s not really any way to put it back in anyways. The cover art, by the way, features the album title written in marker on an erect penis. I’m not going to link to that, and if you want to find it, do a search for it. So yeah, a new Death Grips album (which may or may not be your thing) being given away for free is great and worth it, in my opinion. Also great news: Godspeed You! Black Emperor have announced they will be releasing their first record of new material since 2002. Not only that, but it’ll be available for purchase in two weeks (Oct. 16th). The title of the new album is ‘Allelujah! Don’t Bend! Ascend!. If you’re a fan of the post-rock collective, then start getting excited now. For more information on that, and to preorder, simply go here. Okay, now let’s do today’s Pick Your Poison. Don’t miss tracks from Beaten By Them, Broke For Free, Guards, Jemez Mountain Hawkz, Marine Electric and Peace. The Canyons Wooly Mammoth Remix of Tame Impala is worth a download too. In the Soundcloud section, stream new and interesting stuff from Example, Star Slinger, Teen Daze and Tennis (covering Television).

Beaten By Them – Jet Age

Broke For Free – The Gold Lining

Deison – Room 4

Dolfish – Grown Ups

Dream Boat – Sea to Sky

Frank Rabeyrolles – Listening to Tago Mago (Franklin Edit)

The Growl – With the Sharp End of a Trowel

Guards – Silver Lining

How to Dress Well – Cold Nites (Pete Swanson Remix)

Jaggery – Hostage Heart

Jemez Mountain Hawkz – California Sound

Kim Fai – Good Life (Paul Thomas Remix)

Legendary Wings – Paper Roses

Marine Electric – Murder Mile

Peace – Tattoo

Souldrop – Turn Back Time

Steffaloo – Would You Stay

Tame Impala – Elephant (Canyons Wooly Mammoth Remix)

Tony Resta – Into the Future

Trapped Mice – Mona Lisa


Example – Close Enemies

Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch – Etimasia

Paul Buchanan – Wedding Party

Star Slinger – Ladies In The Back (Feat. Teki Latex)

Teen Daze – Spirit

Tennis – Guiding Light (Television Cover)