It’s fascinating to me to think that in just a couple days, we’ll be in May. Time’s moving fast, and the weather’s definitely not cooperating. May is supposed to be the start of summer, but it feels like spring has barely begun. Get me to sunny and 70 degrees and we’ll be okay. And hey, it’s Friday, which is nice and relaxing and fun no matter what’s happening outside. Not only that, but I think the mp3s in today’s Pick Your Poison are the strongest of the entire week. I can definitely give a thumbs up to tracks from A Lull, Callers, Dark Mean, FM Belfast, Ganglians and Sharon Van Etten’s team-up with Glass Ghost. Speaking of team-ups, there’s a neat collaboration between Amanda Palmer (of The Dresden Dolls and Evelyn Evelyn and her own solo stuff), her husband author Neil Gaiman, Damian Kulash (singer of OK Go), and piano wizard Ben Folds. They got together for the challenge of writing and recording 8 songs in 8 hours in an effort to see if the album cycle can be reduced to a single day. It’s also a test to see if the current record label standards are still necessary in today’s digital environment. All proceeds from the sale of their collaboration will go to charity. Have a look/buy/stream the album via Bandcamp.

A Lull – Weapons for War

Amanda Palmer, Ben Folds, Damian Kulash and Neil Gaiman – One Tiny Thing

Beth Jeans Houghton – Dodecahedron

The Bynars – Asking Your Mom For Money

Callers – Ringer

The Correspondents – Rio De Hackney

Dark Mean – Happy Banjo

FM Belfast – New Year

Ganglians – Jungle

Nat Baldwin – Weights

Polls – Mouth of a Fox

Sharon Van Etten and Glass Ghost – Like A Diamond

Sweet Sweet Moon – Smoke Up


Chad Valley – Fast Challenges

Johan Agebjörn – Watch The World Go By (Young Galaxy remix)

John Shannon & Wings of Sound – Hurricane