America! We got him! Yes, Osama Bin Laden got the gift of a bullet to the head yesterday, and many rejoiced as a result. It’s been a long time coming, so breathe a little sigh of relief that he won’t be planning any more terrorist attacks on anybody. If Pick Your Poison were a legitimate poison, I’d keep my fingers crossed that Osama would “accidentally” ingest some. As it stands though, this is the harmless sort of potential poison, though your ears might not like it if you pick some bad mp3s. I can give a personal thumbs up to tracks from Fan Modine, I and I, Kindest Lines, and The Silent League with their cover of Broken Social Scene’s “Texico Bitches”.

COYOL – Gone Gone

Fan Modine – Through the Valley

Hooray For Earth – True Loves (Hard Mix Remix)

I and I – Beekeeper

In Golden Tears – Urban Emotions (Radio Edit)
In Golden Tears – Urban Emotions (Marius Lauber Remix)

Kindest Lines – Destructive Paths to Live Happily

Leatherface – Melody Lee (The Damned cover)

Meredith Bragg – Birds of North America

Ray Ginzburg – Misty City Daydream

The Silent League – Texico Bitches (Broken Social Scene cover)

Sounds Under Radio – Sing

The Trews – One By One

The Warped 45s – Grampa Carl


Lorcan Mak – Acid House (Get Nuts Remix)

Sallie Ford and the Sound Outside – This Crew