Tomorrow is the Royal Wedding, and excitement has reached a fever pitch. This is like the Super Bowl of weddings. It leaves me staggering back and wondering – has there ever been a more overpublicized wedding in the history of the world? Are people going to look back on a day like tomorrow and actively recall where they were when Will and Kate got married? Will the truckloads of memorabilia created for the royal couple actually serve a point beyond nostalgia for something nobody will genuinely care about by next week? But you know what, there are some good things that have come out of this situation. For one, it helps to make marriage a little more important than it has been recently, hopefully inspiring people to actually tie the knot rather than outright quit believing that a union between two people is unnecessary in this day and age. There’s also the fairy tale aspect of it, the great Prince Charming falling for what many might call an “average woman on the street”, thereby suggesting to many that they could be so lucky and some prince might one day fall in love with them. And thirdly, the wedding is a nice distraction from all the other problems happening in the world right now. Between Libya and Japan and record-setting tornadoes killing a bunch of people, this glitz and glamor and happy occasion is just nice to focus on for once instead of the bad stuff. So yes, while all the nonstop coverage essentially sucks, it’s also doing some good. Best of luck to those crazy kids and their place in the monarchy. Pick Your Poison highlights today include tracks from Carl Barât, Emilie Simon, Oneida and Scarlet Season. Pantha Du Prince remixing Miracle Fortress is pretty great too, as is the Sam Roberts Band track you can find in the Soundcloud section.

Agnes Obel – Riverside (Lulu Rouge Remix)

Amtrac – Rewind

Carl Barât – This Is the Song

Emilie Simon – Ballad of the Big Machine

Get Help – It’s Only In Your Head

Giant Sand – Romance of Falling
Giant Sand – Pathfinder

Kate Maki – Lose My Mind

LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem (COmpress & Stress Remix)

Miracle Fortress – Raw Spectacle (Pantha Du Prince Remix)

Natural Child – Yer Birthday

New Moods – Playtime

Oneida – Horizon (Edit)

Peter Hughes – Themselves (The Minutemen cover)

Scarlet Season – Horse Fury

Vato Gonzales ft. Foreign Beggars – Badman Riddim (Jump) (Tru Fix & Thunderskank Remix)


RIVAL SCHOOLS – 69 Gunz (Ad-Rock Remix)

Sam Roberts Band – The Last Crusade