The playful and loose rhythms that give Anna of the North’s “Fire” an almost tropical rhythm are only a small part of what makes the track so compelling, and a worthwhile way to kick off today’s Pick Your Poison. It’s the sort of bouncy pop song that can get stuck in your head for days. Elliott Brood’s latest “Dig A Little Hole” has the sort of fun, clap-along rhythm that dominates so many fun childhood campfire songs, but with a Simon & Garfunkel-meets-alt-country melody. What a delight. If you like your folk a little psychedelic, a little weird, and a little lo-fi, allow me to turn you on to Jude Shuma through his latest “Lemonade”. Sometimes it’s nice when a song defies easy categorization. Join me after the jump to stream songs from Basenji (ft. Mereki), G Herbo (ft. Lil Uzi Vert), Kid Bloom, KRANE & MYRNE, OCS, PARENTZ, QUIX & Bishu (ft. Cappa), Savoy (ft. Roniit), and RICCI.

Anna of the North – Fire

Elliott Brood – Dig A Little Hole

Jude Shuma – Lemonade

Basenji – Don’t Let Go (ft. Mereki)

G Herbo – Everything (ft. Lil Uzi Vert)

Kid Bloom – Take My Breath Away

KRANE & MYRNE – Monarch

OCS – Memory of a Cut Off Head

PARENTZ – Secret Crush

QUIX x Bishu – Skin To Skin (ft. Cappa)

Savoy – How U Like Me Now (ft. Roniit)

RICCI – Hold My Hands