If you’re in the mood for a little bit of post-punk with a splash of psychedelia thrown in for good measure, Flesh World’s latest “Destination Moon” will send you soaring into the darkness to play among the stars. There’s something fascinating and just a touch different from the norm in the new Grieves track “RX”. It’s an effortless blend of hip hop and R&B, with fascinating production and sampling. Chicago’s own Whethan has a big record out this summer and a big hometown show at Lollapalooza, so it’s only natural he’d follow up a strong collaboration with Charli XCX with another strong guest vocalist in the form of Mascolo. It does nice work blending traditional pop melodies with modern electronica. Other artists in this set include Al Salvatore (ft. Tessa Marie), Grant, Lil Pump, Partner, RALEIGH (covering Frank Ocean), Shay Lia, Siv Jakobsen, Sudan Archives, and Sure Sure.

Flesh World – Destination Moon

Grieves – RX

Whethan – Good Nights (ft. Mascolo)

AJ Salvatore – Sojourn (ft. Tessa Marie)

Grant – No Lights

Lil Pump – Molly

Partner – Sex Object

RALEIGH – Ivy (Frank Ocean cover)

Shay Lia – What’s Your Problem?

Siv Jakobsen – Shallow Digger

Sudan Archives – Paid

Sure Sure – Friends