In terms of electro-pop tracks, I’m really digging this new one from Allure. Quality beat, a strong hook and skews just far enough away from formula to keep things interesting. On the polar opposite side of the spectrum, Boris continue to deliver scathingly loud and impressively artful black metal that’s worth your time and hearing to check out. Then once again for something completely different, the soft and somber folk of Caroline Says captures lots of truth and beauty with “Winter Is Cold”. Somehow that season doesn’t seem so bad when accompanied by the crackling warmth of that song. Other artists in this set include Cedric Gervais (ft. Liza Owen), Disco Fries (ft. Jared Lee), The fin., Mal Devisa, Patricia, Rain Man & MAX, Shine 2009, Wifisfuneral, and more!

Allure – Loving You

Boris – Memento Mori

Caroline Says – Winter Is Cold

Cedric Gervais – Somebody New (ft. Liza Owen)

Disco Fries – Reckless (ft. Jared Lee)

The fin. – Pale Blue

Mal Devisa – You Are My Sunshine

Patricia – Speed Wagon Night Bride

Rain Man & MAX – Do You Still Feel?

Shine 2009 – Happy

Temples – Born Into The Sunset (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)

Wifisfuneral – Pop