It’s the middle of a particularly busy week for yours truly, and as a result I don’t have as much time as I normally would to not only write an album review or two, but come up with some great introductions to Pick Your Poison posts. So please enjoy this respite from my normal rants and raves. It’s not likely to last very long. Talking about today’s Pick Your Poison, let me advise you to keep your ear to the ground for tracks from The Delta Routine, FLOTE, Gabriel Minnikin, Heavy Hawaii and John Grant. In the Soundcloud section (after the jump), feast on some good streams from Fort Romeau and Golden Bloom.

The ACBs – Record Store

Avicii – Fade Into Darkness (Black Matter Remix)

Benzi & Willy Joy – VIBES

Birds and Arrows – Firefly

Bombay Bicycle Club – Shuffle (Timegroove 45 Remix)

The Delta Routine – Oh, No

FLOTE – Paperweight

Gabriel Minnikin – The Hand That Feeds You

Glorie – Sunshine Then Nightmares

Heavy Hawaii – Airborne Kawasaki

Irontom – Mind My Halo

John Grant – Black Belt

MF/MB/ – Casualties

Notes to Self – Sky Light (InBetween)


Dead Gaze – I Found the Ending

Dean Blunt – Papi

Fort Romeau – Love (Dub)

Golden Bloom – Deliver It For Me

Tegan & Sara – Closer (The Knocks Remix)

We Three and the Death Rattle – Inpatients