Picking up on a thread of discussion I started Monday, I’d just like to comment quickly that it’s been longer than the “2-3 days” that Kevin Shields promised us he’d deliver the new My Bloody Valentine album in. The guy has his timetable all screwed up, apparently. Every single deadline he’s set has not been met. He has come pretty close, but nothing is ever on time. So maybe it’ll be another few days for a new MBV record, or maybe it’ll be another month or two. Just hold on to the hope that we’ll get it sometime in the near future. While the wait continues, please enjoy some more Pick Your Poison tracks. Highlights today come from Caitlin Rose, Clin Stetson, LIZ, Margaret Glaspy (covering Lauryn Hill), Millionyoung and Oceanography. In the Soundcloud section (located after the jump), stream new songs from Alpine and Caveman, among others.

Blue Hawaii – Try to Be (No Big Deal Remix)

Caitlin Rose – I Was Cruel

Carl Creighton – Tripping in Our Living Room

Colin Stetson – High Above a Grey Green Sea

e-dubble – Plan A

Gray Young – Canopy Reflected

Ishi – Disco Queen


Lycaon Pictus – I Give You a Rose

Margaret Glaspy – Ex-Factor (Lauryn Hill cover)

Michael Persall – A Tear Sheds for You

Millionyoung – Lovin’

Oceanography – Drinking Water

Odesza – Don’t Stop


Alpine – Gasoline

Caveman – In the City

Charli XCX – You (Ha Ha Ha) (Goldroom Remix)

Claire Maguire – Happy Anniversary (Demo)

Gambles – Safe Side

The Phoenix Foundation – The Captain