Have you heard of The Deer Tracks? I mentioned them a couple weeks ago, but wanted to bring them up one more time quickly before tomorrow, when they’ll be playing a show at Schuba’s here in Chicago. In a nutshell, The Deer Tracks are a duo from Sweden who make electro-pop with sort of an insular edge. Their melodies shimmer and sparkle and often have a fun, danceable edge to them, but at the same time there’s an intimacy and preciousness to them as well. Maybe it’s their wider use of glockenspiel or their male-female vocal interplay that gives it that vibe. Anyways, they’re working on a trio of records known as The Archer Trilogy. Two of the three parts have been released, and the final piece will be out this fall. If you see them tomorrow night or on another one of their tour dates, they’ll be playing material from the entire trilogy. Buy tickets for the Schuba’s show here, and download the songs “W” and “Dark Passenger” to get a feel for their sound. I hope to see you at the show! Now let’s get to today’s Pick Your Poison. I’ll offer up recommendations that you download tracks from Azealia Banks, Finn Riggins, Odd Hours, and Radio Moscow. In the Soundcloud section stream tracks from Attaque, Panoramic & True, Supreme Cuts and Van She.

Azealia Banks – Aquababe

Bart and Friends – There May Come A Time

Don Serata – Disorder

Fair Play Knight – Starlab

Finn Riggins – Big News

Fiona Apple – Every Single Night (Its Overture Remix)

Love and Radiation – Faith Permits No Doubt

Odd Hours – Electric Soul

Radio Moscow – Creepin’

Saint Saviour – Midnight City (M83 cover)

Sam Densmore – Why’d You Let Me Down?

Total Warr – xxx HATE xxx (Is Tropical Remix)

Touch Tone – Home Away From Home (Starcadian Remix)


Attaque – Flow

Dynasty Electric – Oasis

Panoramic & True – Product On

Supreme Cuts – Ciroc Waterfalls

Van She – Jamaica

Woven Bird – Saw You In Two

Yeti Lane – Warning Sensations (School Of Seven Bells Remix)