If you’re American and care anything about sports, you probably heard that last night the Miami Heat won the NBA Championship. This is a music site and I rarely mention sports on purpose, but this one stings just a little bit. If you’re from Miami or simply love the Heat, now’s the point where you want to stop reading and dive headfirst into the mp3s below. Okay. I’m not going to call Lebron James a bad basketball player. On the contrary, he’s one of the NBA’s best and deserved the MVP trophy he won. It’s the way he goes about it that feels almost criminal. Leaving Cleveland for Miami in an hour-long TV special a couple years ago was a classless move. So was the big “presentation party” where James, Wade and Bosh came out on a stage to confetti and cheers from adoring fans. They assembled a monster team with every intention of winning an NBA championship. I couldn’t have been happier last season when the Heat lost in the finals. Yet if I lived in Miami or Florida in general I’d probably be ecstatic over the collection of superstars the Heat have assembled. Sometimes you just want to see the underdog triumph against such a behemoth. The Oklahoma City Thunder are sort of the ultimate underdog team too, because they’re pretty new and just a bit “off the radar” versus other major cities like Boston, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. Alas, it was not to be, and the Heat conquered as it has been expected of them. Now I’ve got to hope that doesn’t continue for multiple years. This, from a guy who loved every second of the Chicago Bulls’ 6-peat from the 90’s. Ah, what a time to be alive. Alright, sports talk over. Pick Your Poison talk now. Gold stars today go out to tracks from Barna Howard, Benjamin Francis Leftwich (covering The Beatles), Chomp, Daydream Vacation, Funkywalkman, Physical Therapy, Poolside, Purity Ring and Strand of Oaks. In the Soundcloud section don’t miss streaming songs from Holograms, The New Pornographers (covering Fleetwood Mac), and OM.

Barna Howard – Timber Nails and Tears

Benjamin Francis Leftwich – With A Little Help From My Friends (Beatles cover)

Brownout – Flaximus

Case & Point – Razor

Chomp – Throw Out Your Wish List

David Douglas – California Poppy

Daydream Vacation – Dare Seize Fire

Dr. Michael White – I Love You Too Much to Ever Leave You

Funkywalkman – Los Angeles

Kirk Ross – Break My Silence

Physical Therapy – Drone On (ft. Jamie Krasner)

Poolside – Slow Down

Purity Ring – Fireshrine

The Range – Nothing Left

Strand of Oaks – Maureen’s

Sun Boxes – Frozen Pond

Volta – Keyboard 47 (NEEDS Remix)


The Birthday Suit – Less Worthless Years

Holograms – Monolith

Hot As Sun – Only a Woman (Blood Diamonds Remix)

The New Pornographers – Think About Me (Fleetwood Mac cover)

OM – State of Non-Return

Splash – Ever Before