Happy Summer Solstice! Yes, my friends, today is the day in the northern hemisphere with the most sunlight. If you’re planning to do something outside, such as grill or play sports, there’s no better day to do it. Maximize your productivity and have some fun while doing so. Even the graveyard shifters get a little more light than usual, though that may be a detriment if it makes it tougher to sleep. And hey, solar power earns an extra boost today too. But who am I kidding. Yesterday was really bright too, and tomorrow will be as well. These additional amounts of sun amount more to minutes than hours. Today’s sun is probably no more than 30 seconds more than yesterday’s. I guess the grand point is: it’s summer. Enjoy it. This edition of Pick Your Poison is a nice soundtrack to it as well. Pay close attention to tracks from Acid House Kings (THREE of them!), Chandeliers, Donnis, Lorelai, The Royal Concept, Western Affairs and Zulu Winter. In the Soundcloud section there’s also a great remix by Four Tet of a track from Neneh Cherry + The Thing.

Acid House Kings – First Time
Acid House Kings – Say Yes If You Love Me
Acid House Kings – Do What You Wanna Do

Amanda Jo Williams – Hello Good Morning

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome – Purging

Chandeliers – New Times
Chandeliers – Le Corsage

Donnis – Hello Kitty

Garmiani – Now That We Found Love

James Bowers – Regrets, Damnations, and Dreams

Janes Addiction – Been Caught Stealing (Metranohm Remix)

Jonathan Boulet – This Song Is Called Ragged (Jonti Remix)

Lorelai – Hammer Meets Tongs

Maren Parusel – Castle in the Sky

Outfit – Everything All the Time (Amateur Best Remix)

The Royal Concept – Gimme Twice

Shannon McArdle – Warden (ZIP)

Suburban Living – Float in Clouds

Way Yes – Gino (Larry Gus Remix)

Western Affairs – Laura

What Hearts – Roll Back

Zulu Winter – Bitter Moon


Conveyor – Woolgatherer

Neneh Cherry + The Thing – Dream Baby Dream (Four Tet remix)

Patrick Alavi – Just Believe