Honestly, my first post of 2012, known as “Class of 2012: 10 Artists to Watch This Year” was written in the last week of 2011. I mention it because we’re only 4 days into this new year and already quite a bit of progress has been made. A$AP Rocky released a new track. Grimes signed to 4AD and also released a new track (which I’ll have up for download in tomorrow’s Pick Your Poison). And Azealia Banks guests on the brand new Scissor Sisters single “Shady Love”, which has quite the awesome music video. I swear none of that was on my radar when I wrote about them, and I just hope that same momentum can keep going for the rest of the year. On more present matters, let’s talk about Pick YOur Poison, the second of 2012. Highlights today include tracks from Analog Players Society, Conveyor, Drowner, Frankie Rose, Night Genes and Smith & Burrows.

Analog Players Society – I Can’t Wait

Black Fabio – Reggie Miller (ft. Toni Royale)

Conveyor – Mukraker

Derby Sunshine – If I Love You

Drowner – Never Go Away

Frankie Rose – Know Me

Jeff and Jane Hudson – In My Car

Lee Bannon – Discovery

Night Genes – Cyber Me

Postiljonen – Satisfaction

Punch3llo ft. Soarse Spoken & Induce – The Raw Dish

Smith & Burrows – This Ain’t New Jersey

Spark & Echo – The Wheels

Ted Morris – New York

The Veda Rays – Old Long Since Now


Ariel Archer – The Mirror

Cheap Girls – Ruby

Dani House – Going Down

Dream Brother – Pretty Eyes (Feat. John Vanderslice)

Vincent Stockholm – All Is Full of Love (Bjork cover)