Happy 4/20 to everyone. While today is typically a day reserved for smoking substances of an illicit nature, one look at “This Day In History” shows that a whole lot of tragedy has happened on this date. Hitler was born. The Columbine school shooting happened. BP had the huge oil spill in the Gulf. Depressing stuff. What we really need are for some great events to take place on 4/20. End a war. Declare world peace. Shut down all the nuclear weapons programs. These are things that can turn the tide on 4/20. Until then, maybe just keep smoking ’em while you’ve got ’em to help melt your cares away. Pick Your Poison today isn’t quite going to get you high, but hopefully it’ll make you feel pretty good. Highlights include tracks from Digitalism, Falcon, Fucked Up and Umpire. In the Soundcloud section I can also recommend Bright Spark Destroyer and Starlings, not forgetting the great remix of Cut Copy’s “Need You Now”.

Action Jackson ft. Oreo Jones – When the Night Falls

Andy Petr – Drinking Milk From His Hands

Anti-Social Music – BABEL(greek):)-(:Fracture V

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour – The Golden Age (Prince Vince Remix)

Backseat Dreamer – Moment In Time (La Chansons Remix)

The Bright Light Social Hour – Detroit

Digitalism – 2 Hearts

Falcon – Say Goodbye

Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks (The Knocks Remix)

Fucked Up – A Little Death

Kyp Harness – Passenger

Lisa Savidge – Fire Exiting

NewVillager – LightHouse (PUNCHES Remix)

Umpire – Green Light District


Ben Hogun – In The City

Bright Spark Destroyer – The Shortest Distance

Cut Copy – Need You Now (Carl Craig Remix)

LehtMoJoe – Get It On The Floor

Starlings – Sirens