Last week I said that Pick Your Poison would be going on a “pseudo-vacation” with only one post per week for the rest of December. What with the holidays and a distinct lack of new music right around this time of year, the break makes sense. Yet my inbox was flooded today with songs, so against my better judgment, let’s say Pick Your Poison gets one more full week this month. Highlights today include songs from Air Waves, The Caribbean, DISCODEINE (featuring Jarvis Cocker), Freebass (Joy Division/New Order’s Peter Hook), Perfume Genius and Young Galaxy. And hey, for those that love Christmas songs, check out mp3s from BAnanas Symphony, The Boy Least Likely To and The Infant Kings.

Air Waves – Knockout

BAnanas Symphony – Holidaze

The Boy Least Likely To – Christmas Isn’t Christmas

Brian Huber – Snuggies

The Caribbean – Mr. Let’s Find Out

Civil Civic – Lights on a Leash

DISCODEINE – Synchronize (ft. Jarvis Cocker)

Eric and Magill – I Heart Trumpets

Freebass – Bury Me Standing

FuzZ – Mr. Rogers

HoneyChild – The Father

The Infant Kings – Joy to the World

Jane Lui – Illusionis Boy

Perfume Genius – Dreeem

Sky Larkin – Year Dot

Young Galaxy – Cover Your Tracks