The final Live Friday of 2010 comes from a band that played a big role in the establishment of indie rock in the early 90s. Superchunk is a band that can be called classic in many ways, and as time has passed their profile has only risen. Their progress though, has slowed significantly thanks to the establishment of Merge Records, which band members Mac McCaughan and Laura Ballance co-own. They’re busy putting out other peoples’ records and making their own stuff has kind of taken a back seat. So after a 9 year break between records, “Majesty Shredding” brings Superchunk back and touring again. The album is great, a return to form if you will, akin to a lot of their classic records. Speaking of classics, in this session, which they did for Minnesota Public Radio, they do an old school cut plus two ones from the new record. It’s good stuff, and if you listen to the interview, which is streamable below, there’s talk about Merge and what the creative process is like for Superchunk and the like. Great to have Superchunk back. Now Live Friday goes on hiatus through the end of 2010, to return in January.

Superchunk, Live on MPR 12-2-10:
Superchunk – Learned to Surf (Live on MPR)
Superchunk – Digging for Something (Live on MPR)
Superchunk – Tie A Rope to the Back of the Bus (Live on MPR)

Stream the full session/interview

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