Good stuff on today’s Pick Your Poison. There’s a new track from David Dondero that’s worth checking out. If you like hip hop, rappers The Alchemist and Oh No have teamed up on a new project called Gangrene, and you can download the first mp3 from them below. There’s a fresh song from the band Happy Birthday off their latest release, and something new from the great female singer-songwriter Lissie, whose debut album will be out in the U.S. soon.

Arab Strap – Packs of Three

BUSSES – Foundation Myth

Crystal Fighters – In the Summer (Picture House’s Summer in the Balearics Mix)

David Dondero – Zero With A Bullet

Gangrene – Chain Swinging

Happy Birthday – Too Shy

Lissie – Bully

The Shimmies – Beloved Enemies

Team Bayside High – No Sleeves Attached DJ Mix

Wormburner – The Interstate