This is the introduction area where I typically write something about how the week is long or the weather is good or bad or whatever silly topic is on my mind at the time. Now I’m writing this as an intro so things don’t get too stale. Real riveting to read, eh? Ok, so today’s Pick Your Poison greats include a free EP from the great rapper El-P, who recorded these tracks with Camu Tao, who died a little while back. It’s good and worth your time. Thanks to the Hopscotch Music Fest, there are also two mp3s from The Rosebuds, one of which is a Bee Gees cover. There’s also a Tobacco track which features none other than Beck, and something from the latest Woven Bones album. All worth your time.

Abner Trio – You’re Gorgeous, Believe It!

Brie Stoner – Delicate Hour

El-P and Camu Tao – Central Services EP  (ZIP)

The Knocks – Make It Better (Emil and Friends Remix)

The Murdocks – Black Jesus Knocking

Quitzow – Whatever

Rich Bennett – Misty Valley

Rocketsmiths – A Shot at the Seat

The Rosebuds – Stayin’ Alive (Bee Gees cover)
The Rosebuds – Secret Life of the Rosebuds

Setting Sun – The Sympathetic CEO

Tobacco – Fresh Hex (feat. Beck)

Woven Bones – I’ve Gotta Get