Get a dose of Gurr to kick off this edition of Pick Your Poison. Follow it up with some Jenny Lewis in preparation for her new album. Then take a chance on Lennon Stella, who’s profile has absolutely been on the rise these last few months. Slip past the jump for even more tracks from Autograf (ft. John Splithoff), Bedouin Soundclash, diveliner, Jai Wolf, Lil Keed (ft. Offset), Lil West (ft. Tommy Genesis), QUIX & LUCA LUSH (ft. Yung Bambi), Young Bombs, and more!

Gurr – Fake News

Jenny Lewis – Wasted Youth

Lennon Stella – BITCH (takes one to know one)

Autograf – Hold Me Back (ft. John Splithoff)

Bedouin Soundclash – Clockwork

diveliner – lexapro

Jai Wolf – This Song Reminds Me of You

Jeremy Zucker – comethru (Remix ft. Bea Miller)

Lil Keed – Move It (ft. Offset)

Lil West – 2pennies (ft. Tommy Genesis)

QUIX & LUCA LUSH – Berserk (ft. Yung Bambi)

Young Bombs – Starry Eyes