I’m very excited about today’s edition of Pick Your Poison, mostly because it’s got some incredible tracks pretty much from top to bottom. That’s not to discount most of the other days and playlists, it’s just that every day can’t be an A+ collection of songs (hard as I might try to make that happen). I can’t control what music is sent my way, nor can I control your tastes either, which is why you might not love these songs as much as I do. But I hope you’ll give them a try anyway. There’s new ones from Elle Exxe, Hinds, and Hot Flash Heat Wave that I think you’ll really dig. But keep going beyond the jump and you’ll also discover tracks from Bok Nero & Ricky Remedy, Katelyn Tarver, Lemaitre, LOVE SICK, Matt Costa, Potatohead People, Quinn Lewis, QUIX (ft. JVMIE), and Set Mo.

Elle Exxe – Queen

Hinds – The Club

Hot Flash Heat Wave – Glo Ride

Bok Nero & Ricky Remedy – Pain (Soul Eater)

Katelyn Tarver – Never Fade

Lemaitre – Machine

LOVE SICK – What I’d Do

Matt Costa – I Remember It Well

Potatohead People – Quest For Love

Quinn Lewis – In Between

QUIX – I’ll Give You The World (ft. JVMIE)

Set Mo – Unity