I’ve just returned from an extended weekend trip to Minneapolis, and it’s left me inspired. Here’s hoping today’s Pick Your Poison provides a similar kind of buzz for you. There are some quality downloads in this set from Brad Peterson, Ephrata, Fronds, and Kazyak. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Baby!, Belly, Briana Marela, Coast Modern, Corbin, FYOHNA, Jachary, Jeals, joan, KINDER, Morly, and Summer Heart.

Brad Peterson – What the Open Heart Allows

Ephrata – Odds

Fronds – Tower

Gestures & Sounds – To: Rivers, From: Chomp

J Hacha de Zola – No Situation

Kazyak – Basin

Rome Alexander – L.Y.G. (ft. Rederic)

Stephen Doster – Something Good

The White Russians – B Child


Baby! – If I’m Sorry

Belly – P.O.P.

Briana Marela – Feel What I Feel

Coast Modern – Frost

Corbin – Ice Boy

FYOHNA – Ghost Heart

Jachary – Yellow Vision

Jeals – Flux

joan – love somebody like you

KINDER – Heartless

Morly – Sleeping In My Own Bed

Summer Heart – Hotel Beds