So far 2016 is starting off a little slow on the new music front, so I will spend the first couple weeks of this year with fewer editions of Pick Your Poison just until the momentum builds back up. So the final collection of tracks for this week features some quality downloads from Blanuks Larry, Coldair, Suntrodden and We/Or/Me. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Brandy, Camille Trust, Cavern of Anti-Matter, Keys N Krates (ft Aqui), Laser, Pinegrove, RJD2, Starlight Girls and Surgeon.

Blankus Larry – Your Boy Is Bad Inside

Coldair – Perfect Son

Dan Hubbard – Johnny

HiRollers – neverwouldvethought

MNYNMS – Not In Love (Crystal Castles cover)

Shinobi Ninja – Funday

Suntrodden – It’s Never Over

We/Or/Me – Dreaming Heart


Brandy – Beggin & Pleadin

Camille Trust – Wake Your Body Up

Cavern of Anti-Matter – Tardis Cymbals

Keys N Krates – Nothing But Space (ft. Aqui)

Laser – Disconnect

Pinegrove – Old Friends

RJD2 – Peace of What

Starlight Girls – La La Lune

Surgeon – BDF-3299