It’s Friday the 13th! (thunderclap) Try not to be too spooked or superstitious on a day like today. To me, it’s just another Friday and just another start to the weekend. If you don’t have any grand plans already set in place and are hanging out in Chicago, let me recommend checking out Riot Fest for all of your live music needs. Single day passes are still available, and I will wholeheartedly recommend going on Sunday to see the Pixies and The Replacements. Speaking of The Replacements, while they’ve had a reunion gig or two already, I suspect Chicago will be a big deal for them since it’s the city where they broke up. Ironically enough, they were performng at a festival (Taste of Chicago, to be exact) and mid-set walked off the stage to never return. Their roadies came out and played the rest of the show. With only two of the original members alive and healthy enough to play shows, I guess burying the hatchet wasn’t so difficult. You may be disappointed that it’s not all the guys, but in this situation you take what you can get. Same with the Pixies, because Kim Deal has left that band to focus on The Breeders. Overall I expect Riot Fest to be a fun time and a fun weekend on the whole, so come on out and we’ll have some early fall music festival fun. If you won’t be in town or simply have other plans, that’s cool too. Maybe you’ll like today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. There’s some good stuff in this batch from Anamanaguchi, Deadbear, Fronds, FUZZ (Ty Segall side project), iNCH., Pascal Barbare and Taffy. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream songs from Bottomless Pit, High Highs (covering College’s song from the movie Drive), Jacco Gardner and Geoffrey O’Connor.

Aimes – Give It to Me

Anamanaguchi – Endless Fantasy

Bear Scout – Two Moons
Bear Scout – Let It Go

Deadbear – Wabi Sabi

The Difference Machine – Futuristic Blast

Fronds – Crush

FUZZ – What’s in My Head

iNCH. – Dear Paramour

Pascal Barbare – House of Mirrors

Saint Max & The Fanatics – Soul Surrender

Taffy – No Endings But Only The Beginnings

Taka Perry – Lunar

Temporary Pharaohs – The Smoked Mirror

Vintage Moon – Tyro


Bottomless Pit – Fleece

Geoffrey O’Connor – Jacqueline

High Highs – A Real Hero (College cover)

Jacco Gardner – The End of August

Sir Sly – Gold (Gold Fields Remix)

The Soft – Painted