Happy Friday! Avid readers of the site may have noticed that the Friday editions of Pick Your Poison have been largely absent these last few weeks, and on that point I’d like to address why. Simply put, the content isn’t always up to the level that I feel warrants a Friday post. I try to keep a relatively fixed number of tracks in each daily edition of Pick Your Poison, and Fridays are typically slower days where I don’t get sent so much and what gets sent isn’t always anything worth writing or posting about. So basically, if I’m not satisfied with what I’ve got to offer you, I won’t offer it. Not that those tracks that don’t get used are discarded, but I like to filter them in other spots where the quality is often already higher. So as a means of quality control, please keep in mind that there might be weeks without a Friday Pick Your Poison. This week is obviously not one of them. There’s actually quite a few excellent songs in this batch, and I’m happy to recommend songs from Baobab, Georgia’s Horse, The Gorgeous Hands, GRMLN, Heliotropes, Last Days of 1984 and Sheare. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, stream Atoms for Peace’s remix of Four Tet, and new tracks from Matthew Herbert, Phaseone and an acoustic cut from thenewno2. Have a great weekend!

Baobab – Magdalene Street

Dead Stars – Waste Away

Dead Trend – No Sympathy

Georgia’s Horse – Ginger

The Gorgeous Hands – Desperate Mainstream

GRMLN – Hand Pistol

Heliotropes – Psalms

Last Days of 1984 – Lost Hearts

Keith Top of the Pops & His Minor UK Indie Celebrity All-Star Backing Band – Morrissey Will Never Forgive Me

Little Daylight – Name in Lights (Pacific Air Remix)

News of the Fire – Veiled in Cement

N8 ST9 – Morning Hero

Schonwald – Mercurial
Schonwald – Gemini

Sheare – We Might As Well Be Dreaming

Suzuki Method – Ask for the Moon (Adam Suzuki Remix)


Four Tet – Pyramid (Atoms for Peace Remix)

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal

Josefin – Getaway (ft. Cleo)

Matthew Herbert – Part 1

Phaseone – Bianca

thenewno2 – Timezone (Acoustic)