It’s the Friday edition of Pick Your Poison, where I try to keep things light and quick. I’ll just take one more opportunity this week to mention that the site now has a Facebook page, so you can connect and learn more about things happening and being posted about through those channels. Please hit the “Like” button if you’d be so kind. Today’s Pick Your Poison tracks getting the thumbs up come from Gangstagrass, Ian McGlynn, Joshua McCormack, Nite Jewel, Orpheum Bell, PS I Love you and S. Carey. In the Soundcloud section you can stream a new song from Mount Eerie that I think is just plain excellent.

Clayton Autumnsun – Faster Than A Minute

Gangstagrass – Western (ft. Kool Keith)

Ian McGlynn – Gold Morning Mend

Inspired & the Sleep – Take Pills (Instructed Bliss)

Joshua McCormack – Galaxy of Doom

Mecca:83 – Chapter 2 (for Lucie)

Nite Jewel – One Second of Love

Orpheum Bell – Daddy’s Crying

Past Presents – Only Singing

PS I Love You – Princess Towers

Savior Adore – Dreamers (The Golden Pony Remix)

S. Carey – Two Angles

Specimens – Assemblage

tree – Warrior


Danielle Parente – From the Start

Ender Belongs To Me – Start

Mount Eerie – House Shape

Soulsavers – Longest Day

Substatic – Opened Up

Tongue Bundle – That Is A Thick Cake