Happy Leap Day! Happy Hump Day! Happy Lump Day! Yes, today is that magical one day every four years we get an extension to February and get the chance to do whatever we want. Okay, so pretty much everyone probably did what they would normally do on a Wednesday. The world doesn’t stop simply because we have an extra day. I hope you had some fun though and maybe indulged in a little bit of folklore about Leap Day William. For this special edition of Pick Your Poison, there’s a couple extra tracks in there for you to enjoy. I’ll recommend songs from Autumn Owls, Brave Chandeliers, Grave Babies, Royal Headache, The Valery Trails and Variety Lights. In the remix pile be sure to download Diplo’s remix of Katy B as well as Elite Gymnastics’ remix of Korallreven. And hey, there’s a new Regina Spektor song available for streaming in the Soundcloud section! It’s a Leap Day miracle!

Aaron Cohen – Up & Down

Autumn Owls – Acrobatics of a Patchwork Heart

Brave Chandeliers – Mad Men

Dale Murray – The Wind Is Trying to Kill Me

Emma Grace – Outlier
Emma Grace – Stuck in the Air

Eux Autres – Home Tonight

Grave Babies – Nightmare

Jetsam – Nightshift

Katy B – Witches Brew (Diplo Remix)

Korallreven – Sa Sa Samoa (Elite Gymnastics Remix)

Ladyhawke – Black, White and Blue (Nile Delta Remix)

Mirel Wagner – No Hands

My Toys Like Me – Lost (Ink Project Remix)

Royal Headache – Girls

Shawn Magill – All Fancies Are Motions Within Us

The Valery Trails – On the Perfume River

Variety Lights – Silent Too Long


Emergency Bible Study – Birthday Girl

Light Parades – Sparkle

Luise Pop – Fast And Frightening (L7 cover)

Rebel Rebel – Love Songs

Regina Spektor – All The Rowboats

Rizzle Kicks – Traveller’s Chant