Is anyone excited for the fall TV season? I’m something of a TV addict, from network shows to cable, so there’s a huge list of things I watch every fall. There’s a wealth of good shows that have made it beyond their first season, but one of the more exciting things are the new shows. As most shows will be premiering next week, is there anything you’re particularly anticipating? Did you see any great shows over the summer that either you’re going to miss or simply caught up with on DVD in anticipation of the new episodes? I’m intrigued to hear your thoughts. Let me know in the comments section if you’re so inspired. Getting back on track with music, today’s Pick Your Poison is a delight. I can recommend tracks from Casiokids, Korallreven, Shimmering Stars, Warning Light, and You Can’t Win Charlie Brown. In the Soundcloud section, you’ll find a new cut from Apparat, along with Trentemøller’s remix of Efterklang, among others.

Adele – Rolling in the Deep (dBerrie Remix)

Boy + Kite – Deciphering Static

Casiokids – Det Haster!

CSC Funk Band – Bad Banana Bread (Live in Providence)

Gabriel Miller Phillips – Memorial Drive

Jonathan Wilson – Desert Raven

Korallreven – As Young As Yesterday (ft. Victoria Bergsman)

Mask Man – Wigi Boards

Right On Dynamite – In Vino Veritas

Shimmering Stars – Nervous Breakdown

Theophilus London – I Stand Alone (Ocelot Remix)

Warning Light – The Universal Rewrite

The Whip – Keep or Delete

Y Luv – All Night

You Can’t Win Charlie Brown – I’ve Been Lost

Yuzima – We Rock For NY


Apparat – Song Of Los

Beaty Heart – 2Good

Efterklang – Raincoats (Trentemøller Remix)

Jovontaes – Mountain Pass

Metals – Like/Unlike