Because it’s summer and I like doing those sorts of things, I went to the movies on a Wednesday evening. “Super 8” was the film of choice, and I feel like taking a second to show appreciation towards it. If you were a fan of a host of Steven Spielberg classics such as “E.T.”, “Jaws” and “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, there’s a ton to love about “Super 8”. It reaches for that sort of nostalgia and does a great job with it. Spielberg produced it, and J.J. Abrams directed it with that purposeful mentality. The child actors are great, particularly Elle Fanning, and Kyle Chandler is a favorite of mine courtesy of “Friday Night Lights”. It’s some of the most fun you can have amidst a sea of rather tepid movies so far this summer. “Bridesmaids” is another big winner if you ask me. As far as Pick Your Poison goes today, there’s a handful of winners in there too. I can put a stamp of approval on tracks from Appetite, German Error Message, The Mountain Goats, Shimmering Stars, Cloud Nothings side project Total Babes, and The Trophy Fire. There’s also a new Against Me! track in the Soundcloud section if you’re into that sort of thing.

Appetite – Fiery Ring

Caroline Smith – Tanktop
Caroline Smith – Scholarships

Chad Valley – Now That I’m Real (Courtship Remix)

Circuit Des Yeux – 3311

Common Prayer – Love–>Building on Fire (Talking Heads cover)

Crystal Shipsss – Song 5 (Sunshine)

Doug Hoyer – Northern Lights
Doug Hoyer – Oh the Wind Will Blow

Futurecop! – The Only Way On Up (Dreams) (SposhRock Remix ft. Keenhouse)

German Error Message – In Comforting

Ka$ual – I Don’t Take L’s (ft. Jon Bellion)

Michael David Layne – Take A Look

The Mountain Goats – High Hawk Season

Retro/Grade – Mindfighter (Gigi D’Angelos Euro Mix)

Shimmering Stars – I’m Gonna Try

Southerly – Ascend

Total Babes – Like They Always Do

The Trophy Fire – Chasing the Ghost


Against Me! – Russian Spies

Oh! Pears – Under The Olive Trees