Welcome to Monday, otherwise known in Chicago as the Blagojevich verdict day. If you at all follow the news (or American news if you’re elsewhere), we’ve got this ex-Governor by the name of Rod Blagojevich. He was removed from his position and put on trial for allegedly trying to sell a Senate seat that was vacated by then-Senator and now President Obama. Welp, earlier today the verdict came in, and it seems he was found guilty on 17 of 20 charges against him. That means several years of prison, if not more. Now and then it’s good to see a corrupt politician get what’s coming to him or her, and in this case justice appears to be served. As I’ve echoed before in my mentions of politics, it matters less what your views are on the various issues, I think that no matter what stance you take, corruption and bribery and extortion are all bad things. One hopes that lessons are learned from this and that Chicago and worldwide politics are less corrupt as a result, but who knows if that impact will really be felt. Okay, let’s get on with Pick Your Poison. To start the week, songs I can recommend include ones from Cassettes Won’t Listen, The Irrepressibles, John Maus, John Tejada, KidCity, Parts of Speech and Xeno & Oaklander.

Captain Planet – Dame Agua

Cassettes Won’t Listen – The Night Shines

Delicate Cutters – Warm Beer and Sympathy

The Irrepressibles – Forget the Past

Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Amtrac Remix)

John Maus – Head for the Country

John Tejada – Subdivided

Kenton Dunson – Turn It Loose

KidCity – Blackened

Library Voices – Generation Handclap

Lid Emba – Zakula

Milagres – Here to Stay

Oy Vey – White Lies

Parts of Speech – Canopy

Peg Simone – Piece of Pie

Psychic Babble – Five Fold Kiss (Don’t Sleep)

Tom Russell – Mesabi

Xeno & Oaklander – The Staircase


Dent May – Fun

Two Suns – Five Months Gone By