Friday the 13th! Look out for black cats, everybody. Today’s a dangerous day to be out and about, particularly if you’re superstitious or believe in karma. To me, it’s just another Friday, but I think we all look a little more carefully over our shoulders every time somebody mentions Friday the 13th. Here’s some luck though: a great, extended Pick Your Poison post. Lots of great songs to give your weekend that extra boost it might need. I can give a thumbs up to tracks from Brute Heart, Helios, The Hussy, The Sanctuaries, and White Hills. Also be sure to check out the Johan Agebjörn track featuring Sally Shapiro, along with Jared Mees and The Grown Children’s Beatles cover. Oh, and I can’t forget new songs from Urge Overkill and Yuck in the Soundcloud section. Always worth a look.

Bill Wells & Aidan Moffat – The Copper Top (Radio Edit)

Birdlips – One in Seven
Birdlips – Higher Vision

Boy Mandeville – Gorilla (Thom Thumb Remix)

Buy Without God – Of Cowboys & Other Beautiful Men

Brute Heart – Hunter

Crooks – Downtown

Germany Germany – Too Fast
Germany Germany – Dance

Grand Pianoramax – Sleepwalk

Helios – Sing the Same Song Twice

The Hussy – Sexi Ladi
The Hussy – Pushin’ My Luck  

Is Shepherd – Pine Box

Jared Mees & the Grown Children – All Together Now (Beatles cover)

Johan Agebjörn & Lovelock ft. Sally Shapiro – Casablanca Nights

Labyrinth Ear – How We Walk On The Moon (Arthur Russell cover)

Matt & Kim – Cameras (Alvin Risk Remix)

Rocketship Park – Fast Friends

The Sanctuaries – Heaven Is A Mountain

Ulrich Schnauss and Mark Peters – Balcony Sunset

Ungdomskulen – Elle
Ungdomskulen – It’s Official!

White Hills – The Condition of Nothing


Alex Winston – Sister Wife (Starslinger Remix)

Hey Today! – Minor (TWR72 Remix)

Urge Overkill – Mason/Dixon

Yuck – Milkshake