Welcome to the very first Pick Your Poison of 2011. For those just joining us, let me offer up a very quick primer on what this daily segment is all about. Each day I shuffle through the collection of emails that gather in my inbox, then throw all the mp3s your way and let you take what appeals to you. I’ll recommend some stuff, sure, but the choice as to what you download is up to you, and if you find something new to love, great. If you wind up with a bunch of crap, well, that one’s essentially on you as well. But it all comes from a place of love and discovery and I hope you’ll love it. New for 2011, I’ve now added a Soundcloud section to the daily posts, so you can stream (and in many cases also download) more music than ever before. Highlights for today include songs from Carol Bui, In Tall Buildings, Laura Peek, Puro Instinct, and Silver Swans doing a cover of The National’s “Anyone’s Ghost”. This might not be the most exciting collection of songs to kick off the new year, there’s still enough to enjoy and I anticipate things picking up as the week goes on.

Carol Bui – “Geisha” Means Open Minded

Chris Hickey – I Can’t Wait to See You

Snow Caps – Moonbroken Heart
Snow Caps – Beauty and the Beauty

Eric and Magill – All Those I Know

In Tall Buildings – Alarm Will Sound

Laura Peek – Stay Sharp

Nic Bommarito – T27

Ori – Milka’s Dream

Puro Instinct – Stilyagi

Silver Swans – Anyone’s Ghost (The National cover)

To Light A Fire – Damned


The Prodigy – Omen (TEMABES Remix) [Free Download] by TEMABES