The most upsetting thing about today is that it’s the 30th anniversary of John Lennon’s death. I know when it comes to the Beatles a lot of people like to take sides and stand by their favorite, be it McCartney, Lennon, Harrison, or…Ringo. My personal opinion is that the Fab Four weren’t so fab when they weren’t together, and that’s just a testament to how you can put four great talents in a room and come out with something extraordinary, much moreso than they could have ever produced on their own. Of course for all I know had Lennon survived we could have gotten 30 years worth of mindblowing music that put everyone else to shame. But also please let it go on the record that while I feel all the solo stuff from Beatles members paled in comparison to what they made while together, I’m not saying all of it completely sucked. All of the guys have put out something worthwhile in the post-Beatles era, even Ringo. Alright, that’s my piece for today. Let’s talk Pick Your Poison. No Lennon songs or covers today, as much as I’d like to do something in that regard, but there are highlights from Anika, The Cave Singers, Eulogies and Rooftop Vigilantes. There’s also a couple Christmas tunes from Boca Chica and Strawberry Whiplash if you’re looking for that sort of stuff.

Anika – I Go to Sleep

Boca Chica – Not On Christmas Eve

The Cave Singers – Swim Club

Ethan Lipton and His Orchestra – Gift Basket

Eulogies – You Hide

Fredrik – Dance of the Peacock Phantom

Ike Snopes – Proper View

Jet Project – Oya

Kate Sikora – Circle in a Rectangle

Metal Mountains – Structures in the Sun

Quiet Life – Jim’s Wedding Band

Rooftop Vigilantes – Fists of Gary

Strawberry Whiplash – Santa Needs A Holiday

T Model Ford – Comin’ Back Home

Zombie Disco Squad – Hobo