Though he doesn’t know how to use a computer, I’d like to take this moment just to wish my grandfather a Happy 70th Birthday. I can only hope, with my “live fast, die young, leave a beautiful corpse” lifestyle that one day I’ll be celebrating that birthday. But hey, this pre-Thanksgiving edition of Pick Your Poison is not only extended (for her pleasure), but also features quite a great number of notable notables. First up, let me offer you a full mixtape from the band Depressed Buttons, which is a new electro group that features a few members of The Faint. They’ve put together a collection of “influences” that range from Gonzales to Bob Dylan to ZZT to Underworld. The link below is to a direct download, and it comes with a full track listing. You’ll also want to keep an ear out for songs from Daniel Martin Moore, Giant Sand, Paul Simon (yes, THAT Paul Simon), Retribution Gospel Choir, and Treasure MammaL. Have a GREAT Thanksgiving my fellow Americans, and normal posting will resume…probably Friday, but maybe Monday, depending on how much I eat.

Cajun Gems – Hat Trick (ZIP) 

Cours Lapin – Cache Cache
Cours Lapin – Un Deux Trois

Daniel Martin Moore – Dark Road

Depressed Buttons – Mixmeat Mixtape (ft. Gonzales, Bob Dylan, Underworld and more!)

Giant Sand – Ride the Rail

Hallelujah the Hills – Nightingale Lightning (Live)

Mr. Little Jeans – Rescue Song (RAC Remix)

Paul Simon – Getting Ready for Christmas

Peder – Daylight
Peder – Reverse Your Diamonds

Retribution Gospel Choir – Workin’ Hard

The Spyro – Nippon Sling

Tommy Santee Klaws – Light On

Treasure MammaL – Kokopelli

Yuzima – Science Project

Zac Crouse – Waiting on the Wind