One year from today, people will be freaking out with the date of 11-11-11. That’ll be a pretty special day for somebody. This year though, let’s just call this day “binary inspired” (and, um, veteran inspired). Yeah, it’s a nerd thing (and a military thing). Speaking of nerd things, music nerds will find lots of good in today’s Pick Your Poison. Be sure to check out songs from Aidan Moffet (of Arab Strap), Balmorhea, and Modern Skirts. The band Depressed Buttons is a side project of a couple guys in The Faint, which is pretty cool. Also cool: one of the first new Gang of Four songs in a very long time.

Aidan Moffat (of Arab Strap) – The Donaldson Boy

Balmorhea – Clamor

Bjorn Torske – Versjon Wolfenstein

Deacon the Vaillain & Sheisty Khrist – Satellites

Depressed Buttons – Ow!

Gang of Four – Never Pay for the Farm

Jenocide – Beachball

Kid Infinity – P.Y.C.O.

Modern Skirts – Bumper Car

Mon Khmer – Anniversary (Karuna Remix)

True Womanhood – Nite Prowlers  (ZIP)

The White Buffalo – Oh Darlin’ What Have I Done