Only a couple days left in August. Where does the time go. Kicking off a week’s worth of Pick Your Poison, Monday’s edition isn’t half bad. A new song from Black Heart Procession, as well as Capstan Shafts might catch your ear in that good sort of way. Clean Equations and The Two Man Gentlemen Band also get my personal thumbs up as well.

Black Heart Procession – Blank Page

Blunt Mechanic – Less Beat

Capstan Shafts – Heart Your Eat Out

The Cinnamon Band – I’m Asking You

Clean Equations – A Little More 14 on 26

Cold Seeds – Leave Me to Lie Alone in the Ground
Cold Seeds – The Perfume of Mexican Birds
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Inspector Tapehead – Yarvil
Inspector Tapehead – Pherenzik Tear
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Princess Superstar – Lollipop (Crookers Remix)

SAADI – Take It Easy

Soft Seeds – This Affair

Talvihorros – The Blue Cathedral
Talvihorros – Twin Peaks Theme

The Two Men Gentlemen Band – Chocolate Milk