Normally I’d wait until I had a few more downloads to share before including them in an extended Monday edition of Pick Your Poison, but I’m feeling saucy today and it’s nice outside and whatever other excuses I need to make to justify this. Ultimately, it doesn’t make much of a difference. You should absolutely check out tracks from Lev Snowe, Lovehoney, and Oh Joy, among others. Then cruise on past the jump into the Soundcloud section for streams from artists like Blaise Moore, Charlotte Lawrence, Dagny, Future Generations, Gorillaz (ft. George Benson), Hotel Mira, StayLoose (ft. Taheran), THEY., UnoTheActivist, Vic Mensa (ft. G-Eazy), and Walton.

Akenda – Inflict Joy

In.Drip. – Titles

Lev Snowe – Could Be

Lovehoney – Open Door

Oh Joy – Cab Sad


Blaise Moore – Grips

Charlotte Lawrence – Young and Reckless

Dagny – Used to You

Future Generations – All the Same

Gorillaz – Humility (ft. George Benson)

Hotel Mira – Baby

Monality – Bad Time Stories (Timboletti Remix)

StayLoose – Hey Mama (ft. Taheran)

THEY. – Pops

UnoTheActivist – Lil Flip

Vic Mensa – Reverse (ft. G-Eazy)

Walton – Point Blank