Really great collection of tracks in today’s Pick Your Poison. That is to say, much better than average. If you’re a fan of The xx and Beach House but aren’t aware of Cigarettes AFter Sex for some reason, get on that train right away. They put out their debut album a year ago, and in celebration of that anniversary have shared an unreleased new song that sounds a whole lot like their other songs. Your excitement level should be determined by how much you enjoy slow burn sexiness. The Australian duo known as Let’s Eat Grandma have given us a couple of fantastic synth-pop tracks over the last couple months, but as we prepare for their new record that’ll be out in a couple weeks they’ve mixed things up a bit with a lovely piano ballad. Then there’s something fresh from Odetta Hartman, who’s got a sound that’s difficult to describe but might fit best into the category of rockabilly. The guitars have a certain twang to them, matched only by her powerful voice, but then there are synths and electronic textures interspersed that provides a modern twist on a classic sound. Reach beyond the jump, and you’ll find more music from artists including Ash (not the British band), Blake Banks, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone, Cumulus, EMBRZ (ft. joan), Hockeysmith, Ovlov, Pat Lok (ft. JONES), and Sean Gast.

Cigarettes After Sex – Crush

Let’s Eat Grandma – Ava

Odetta Hartman – Sweet Teeth

Ash – Lover Friend

Blake Banks – No Chaser

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone – White Corolla (Version)

Cumulus – Retreat

EMBRZ – Like It Or Not (ft. joan)

Hockeysmith – Holy War

Ovlov – Short Morgan

Pat Lok – WYG (4 ME) [ft. JONES]

Sean Gast – Party in the Hills