Welcome to Monday. I hope your Easter was fantastic. Mine was…interesting to say the least. Let’s just say I had a great amount of fun. Speaking of fun, today is April Fool’s Day. Normally I’d trot out some trick or write something about quitting the site or whatever, but at this point it just feels cliche and boring to make such a half-assed attempt. So I’m going to straight-shoot it this year. Just know that other people will be all over the internet, feeding you lies and maybe even a few funny moments into an otherwise normal Monday. Personally, this “fake” holiday has actually made my Monday a little better. I hope it does for you as well. One thing that’s also not a trick is the Lollapalooza 2013 lineup. That was officially unveiled today, over a week ahead of schedule thanks to the leak that happened last week. If you aren’t already aware of who’s playing, go here for the full lineup. I’m a big fan of all the legacy acts playing this year (NIN, The Cure, New Order, etc), but apparently that’s not what the Lollapalooza “demo” is right now. Everyone’s all jazzed up about Mumford & Sons. I can understand why, what with the top Grammy prize in their pockets and millions of albums sold, but part of me wishes they were a touch more creative with their sound. Ah well, they’re an easy band to love, which is why so many do. Just know I’ll be nowhere near that stage when they’re performing at Lollapalooza. Then again, even some fans of the band won’t be anywhere near that stage either thanks to the massive layout of Grant Park. Hahaha. Anyways, I’ll have full Lollapalooza coverage coming up this August, so keep an eye out for that in…4 months. For now, let’s talk Pick Your Poison. There’s some delightful tracks today from Big Orange Fluff, Club Girls, Ferns, Medicine, Digits, and Marissa Nadler. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, you can stream new tracks from Dutch Uncles (covering Grace Jones) and Ty Segall (covering T Rex), plus Joe Goddard’s (of Hot Chip) remix of Dirty Projectors and Boyd Rice’s remix of Neon Indian.

AM & Shawn Lee – Steppin’ Out

Big Orange Fluff – I Want My Life Back

Bobby Generic – Famous Nobody

CiRRO – Overheat

Club Girls – I Can Do A Lot

Digits – Street Violence

Ecovillage – Orange Sunshine

Ferns – And It Looked Like This

Marissa Nadler – Game of Thrones Theme Song

Medicine – Long As The Sun

Moustad – Skùgga

Santiago Street Machine – Holes (Redsparrow Remix)

Sunjacket – Alligator

Touché – Shhh! It’s Quiet Time

Victory – Woman


Dirty Projectors – The Socialites (Joe Goddard Remix)

Dutch Uncles – Slave to the Atypical Rhythm (Grace Jones cover)

Jonny Fritz – Goodbye Summer

Miles – Status Narcissism

Neon Indian – Halogen (Boyd Rice Remix)

Ty Segall – The Motivator (T Rex cover)