It’s Friday, or as some might call it, Good Friday. Really it’s the start to Easter weekend, and I hope you’re ready for those family get-togethers and the consuming of lots of marshmallow Peeps. I know I’m gearing up for a big Easter egg hunt that my family has every year. The interesting thing is that everyone who participates is 21+, and while you might think of Easter egg hunts as something for little kids, we’ve evolved it to a crazy difficult level. Like, eggs will be hidden at the bottom of filled trash cans or in tree branches so high you have to climb them to get one. Part of me wants to get alcohol involved this year too, so maybe I’ll grab a beer to pair with my egg hunting basket. What I find interesting about Easter is that to me it seems like the 2nd most popular holiday, yet there’s still quite a bit of extracurricular activities going on. For example, I know of at least 2 big shows happening on Easter Sunday, and one of them is definitely sold out. It leaves me wondering how many people don’t see their families or don’t do much of anything for Easter, to the point where they’ve got time to go see a concert? You can’t find a halfway decent restaurant open, but a venue is no problem and bands want to play? To each their own, I guess. If movie theaters can stay open 365 days a year, why not a venue if you can get people to show up? Maybe it’s just my family and our marathon 12 hour gatherings that’s odd. Whatever, I hope you have a great Easter no matter what you do! Before we get this weekend started though, let’s take care of one last Pick Your Poison for the week. Notable tracks today come from Austin Lee Woods, Binary, Decades, Nick Jaina, Ryan Hemsworth and Shannon Wright. In the Soundcloud section, stream tracks from Bleeding Rainbow, Everything Everything, Gun Outfit and Is Tropical’s remix of Darwin Deez.

Ain’t No Love – Gone Already

Anoop Desai – Love War (ft. ADHD)

Austin Lee Woods – Archetypal Feeling II

Bass Science – Bad S*trip

Binary – G.O.D.

Broken Deer – My Heart’s in the Highlands / Snow Walk

Decades – Can You Love Me Now

Dizzy – O.T.O.M.G. (ft. Kevin Cossum)

D-WHY – Flattery

The Fiery Piano – More Like a Tiger, Less Like a Dove

KeyBoardKid206 – Secret Forest…(Tree Music)

Nick Jaina – Don’t Come to Me

Ryan Hemsworth – Proto

Shannon Wright – The Caustic Light

S-Type – Dyena


Bleeding Rainbow – Oblivion

Darwin Deez – You Can’t Be My Girl (Is Tropical Remix)

Everything Everything – +Pendolino

Gun Outfit – Lau Blues

Kingdom – Bank Head (ft. Kelela)

pacificUV – Russians