As I’ve done the last few weeks, I want to spend this introduction passing along a few links to a few different music videos and articles and other fun items that aren’t the mp3s and audio streams you get in your normal edition of Pick Your Poison. This is a way to broaden some horizons and give some exposure to some other really cool music-related things happening. That said, here’s this week’s set of links:

Pitchfork has a fascinating interview with The Knife

Watch a high quality, professionally recorded video of Thom Yorke & Nigel Godrich performing the Atoms for Peace song “Default”

Passion Pit’s “Cry Like A Ghost” video (Extended Cut)

Marnie Stern’s great video for “Immortals”

Video: Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege

Spinner’s 25 Albums You Should Own On Vinyl

Beyond those links, here’s some more content to excite you: the Thursday edition of Pick Your Poison. Recommended tracks today come from Blue-Eyed Son, Deltafoxx, G&D, Glenn Jones, Louville, Radiation City and Whitehorse. In the Soundcloud section after the jump, you can stream tracks from Active Child, Delta Rae, Rogue Wave and Young Galaxy, among others.

Blue-Eyed Son – All Went Black

Deltafoxx – Breakin’ It Up All Right

Cobalt Cranes – Shake

Fairchild – Burning Feet

Fatch – My Friend (Jeremy Hills Remix)

G&D – PopStopper

Glenn Jones – Bergen County Farewell

Linda Draper – Hollow

Louville – I Still Think of You From Time to Time

Radiation City – Foreign Bodies

The Reflections – Disconnected (Gardens & Villa Remix)

Whitehorse – Radiator Blues

Wintercoats – Everyone Seems to Be in on Something


Active Child – Evening Ceremony

Delta Rae – If I Loved You (ft. Lindsey Buckingham)

Pharmakon – Crawling on Bruised Knees

Rogue Wave – College

SZA – Aftermath

Young Galaxy – New Summer