Okay, let’s do our usual thing on Wednesdays and talk about a couple upcoming shows happening in Chicago soon. The first I’d like to get to today is The Dig, who will be playing at The Tonic Room next Friday, October 12th. By the way, if you’ve never been to The Tonic Room, let me say that it’s one of the cooler small venues in town. Great place to see a show. But as for The Dig, they’ve been making a name for themselves these last few years, playing shows around the country with bands like The Walkmen and The Antlers. Their 2010 debut album Electric Toys earned them early respect, but their new album Midnight Flowers really brought them into their own. Stream the whole record here. They’ve got just the right mixture a good modern indie rock band should have these days, from guitars to synths and strong vocal harmonies. The energy is there too, which the band channels into their dynamic live performances. Don’t miss seeing them if you’ve got the chance. Tickets are $10 for this 21+ show and are available for purchase here.

Next up, if you enjoy a good piano rock band now and then (who doesn’t?), you might want to be aware of the Jacob Jefferies Band. While the piano does play a big part in their sound, guitars play a large role too, hence the descriptors of both piano and rock. Think of them sort of like if Ben Folds had a musical baby with Tom Petty. Their latest single “Suffocate My Heart” earned them Buzzworthy status at MTV, which between you and me doesn’t mean that much these days, but any praise is a good thing. They have a tendency to be poppy and fun, which makes it seem like only a matter of time before they’ll be playing large venues and have multiple songs on the radio. Until they get there though, they’ve got a show at the Elbo Room on Thursday, October 11th. It starts at 8pm, is a 21+ show, and you can get tickets here.

Okay, now it’s onto today’s Pick Your Poison. Great set of tunes today to help you get over the hump that is mid-week. Don’t miss tracks from A.C. Newman (ft. Neko Case), Brainstorm, Ceremony, Mardeen, Steffaloo and WRITER’s cover of Santigold.

A.C. Newman – Encyclopedia of Classic Takedowns (ft. Neko Case)

Andre Williams – But’n

Atlas Genius – Symptoms (Wild Cub Remix)

Brainstorm – Maybe a Memory

Ceremony – Everything Burns

City Brat – Savage Friends

Dishes – DAMP

Fenster – Oh Canyon (Slow Steve Remix)

Honey Mustard – Talk

Mardeen – Oh Dad

Silent Redemption – Chariots of Fire

Steffaloo – Would You Stay

Telephoned – Last Time (Krystal Klear Remix)

WRITER – Disparate Youth (Santigold cover)

Zhu – Solteria


Daft Punk – Superheroes (Solidisco Remix)

Deaf Club – Break It Slow

DZ Deathrays – Dollar Chills (Cadence Weapon Remix)

Gypsy and the Cat – Sorry

Nu Sensae – Sleeping Blouse

Rhye – The Fall