Okay, let me point out something that’s really weird and really cool. So “magician” David Blaine is never one to avoid a publicity stunt for the sake of doing something dangerous, which is why he’s now choosing to spend three days and three nights inside a metal suit where he will endure constant metal shocks. You’ll be able to watch the whole thing online, and I’m sure curious people will check in on him to see how things are going. Where this whole thing gets weirder and cooler though is with the involvement of Mr. Andrew W.K. See, the man who gave us “Party Hard” and plenty of other party anthems will be stepping in front of a keyboard this Sunday at 7:30pm EST and using it to hit Blaine with one million volts of electricity. The keyboard will be powered by a Tesla coil, which is how the electrical charge will be delivered to Blaine. That’s going to be one shocking (and probably painful) keyboard solo. Will you tune in? Will you be amused? Here is the spot on YouTube where you can watch it. I’ll be out of town, but somebody let me know how it goes. Equally electrifying is today’s edition of Pick Your Poison, which features some great songs from Bambi Lee Savage, Dawn Hunger, Rain Over St. Ambrose, Wooden Wand and Young Fathers. In the Soundcloud section there’s great stuff to stream from Black Moth Super Rainbow, Electric Guest and Saturday Looks Good to Me as well.

A.Chal – Roses on Your Silhouette

Arima Ederra – Prototype

Bambi Lee Savage – Oh Loneliness

City Reign – Ahead of Ideas

Dawn Hunger – Stumbling Room

DiMi Marc – Cup Full of XO

Frank Ocean – Pyramids (DJ Apt One Disco Dub)

Mind’s Hideaway – X-Ray Skin

Rain Over St. Ambrose – Walking Home

Southern Shores – New Love (Beat Connection Remix)

Victor Talking Machine – Penny Arcade (Live)

VIVA – Like Heaven

Wooden Wand – Southern Colorado Song

Young Fathers – Deadline


Black Moth Super Rainbow – Gangs in the Garden

Electric Guest – Holiday

Laura Welsh – Hollow Drum

Limbo Kids – Heartshots

Mister Lies – Waveny

Saturday Looks Good To Me – Sunglasses