There are about 5,245 jokes that can be made from the fact that Fiona Apple was arrested earlier this week in Texas after a border patrol stop complete with drug sniffing dogs discovered 0.1 pound of hash and 0.1 pound of marijuana stowed in a backpack on her tour bus. Apple admitted that the drugs were hers, and she was taken to Hudspeth County jail where she was later released after posting $10,000 bond. If you’re going to crack a joke using any aspect of her song “Criminal,” this is your cue to do so. They’re easy jokes to make, really. What she really needs is a good defense (see what I mean?). Anyways, I want to take a moment to wish Fiona nothing but the best, which she clearly wasn’t getting if she resorted to smoking hash. I woke up yesterday morning (when the news of her arrest broke) with her song “Anything We Want” inexplicably in my head. Sadly, it seems she was not able to live out the lyrics of the song, because she wouldn’t have been arrested otherwise. If I were a member of that police force, I would have let her go. It’s also probably why I’m not a police officer. But that’s another story for another day. Let’s get to this weekend-starting edition of Pick Your Poison. Highlights today include tracks from Ball of Flame Shoot Fire, The Bloody Angle, Delay Trees, Lucius, Silent Rider, Stillwater Giants and Vices. In the Soundcloud section, stream good songs from Candy Claws and Josephine Foster. Have a great weekend!

Ball of Flame Shoot Fire – Buddy

Benbrick – They All Say

Ben Labat and the Happy Devil – Revival

The Bloody Angle – The Bloody Angle

Constables – Are We Still Here

Delay Trees – HML

Elephant12 – Holiday

The Invincible Summer – Runaway

Joe Doris – Halfway to Paris

Kyp Harness – Autumn Leaves

Lucius – Turn It Around

Midnight Spin – Neuroin

New Hands – Whichever Way You’ll Have It

Silent Rider – Skin

Snowblower – When My Heart Hurts

Stillwater Giants – Not Like the Others

Talibam! – All Your Money

Tony Resta – There’s No Best

Vices – Human Being

Visitor – Coming Home (Vanguard Remix)


Candy Claws – Two Airships

Colin Munroe – Over It

Heart Of Hearts – Unbound

Josephine Foster – Blood Rushing

Post War Years – The Bell

Solidisco – Set Me Free (Original Mix)