It’s been a few days, but I’d like to spend this intro talking briefly about Tom Gabel of the punk band Against Me!. I’m assuming you’ve heard already, but in case you haven’t, Gabel announced earlier this week that he is going to be changing genders via hormones and treatments. He’ll also be taking the name Laura Jane Grace. This isn’t a stunt or something done for publicity. Like some people, Gabel suffers from gender dysphoria, in which a person believes he or she should have been born the opposite gender. The age old statement of being a ____ living in a _____’s body. Anyways, there’s a whole article about his transformation in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, so check that out if you’re interested in learning more. I’ve not yet read the full article, but it reportedly also explains what this means for the future of Against Me!. For somebody that has such a masculine voice, it’ll be interesting to see how this gender adjustment changes things. If you’d got some thoughts and would like to weigh in on this, feel free to do so in the comments section. Onto today’s Pick Your Poison. Highlights include tracks from Family Band, Giant Giant Sand, Junk Culture, Old Bricks, Sailor & I and SebastiAn’s remix of Van She. In the Soundcloud section don’t miss streaming songs from Four Tet, Teen Daze and The Walkmen.

Disco Fries – Feelin’ Good

Family Band – Night Song

Giant Giant Sand – Detained

I Can Chase Dragons! – Republique

Junk Culture – Oregon

Logan Venderlic – Travelin’ Tooth Operators

Old Bricks – Waves

Prodigy – Girls (HeavyWeight Bootleg)

Sailor & I – Tough Love

Spirit Animal – Crocodile Skins (Big Black Delta Remix)

Stepdad – Must Land Running (Berndsen Remix)

Super Guachin – Se Pixelo el Vinito (Nite Jewel Remix)

Tango in the Attic – Mona Lisa Overdrive

Van She – Idea of Happiness (SebastiAn Remix)


Blue Balloon – The Fractured Lullaby of Holly Jealous

Four Tet – Jupiters

Nick Butcher – Formants

The Seed Coat – Lose Lose Lose

Teen Daze – What You Feel

The Walkmen – We Can’t Be Beat