It’s the middle of the week and ever-closer to the middle of May, but my sights are shifting towards summer and fall already. It’ll be music festival season soon enough, and there are some great choices for you out there depending on where you live or are willing to travel. One that’s really worth pointing out any given year but especially this year is the Pygmalion Music Festival. A bit smaller than your Lollapaloozas or your Pitchfork Music Festivals, Pygmalion takes place in Champaign-Urbana, IL, about 3 hours south of Chicago and home to the University of Illinois aka my alma mater. This year’s fest takes place from September 27-29 and is scattered across the many concert venues, art galleries and open spaces in and around Champaign-Urbana. This year’s lineup is about halfway announced and already includes the following artists: Grizzly Bear, Dinosaur Jr., Cloud Nothings, Tennis, Lotus Plaza, Frankie Rose, Willis Earl Beal, Hospitality, Julia Holter, Craft Spells, Oh No Oh My, The Dirty Feathers, New Ruins, Headlights offshoot Psychic Twin, and many more. Great so far, with plenty more greatness to come, including at least one more headlining act. A 3-day pass granting you entry to all shows is currently available for purchase at the low, low price of $75, with the price eventually “skyrocketing” to a ludicrously expensive $85. Trust me, it’s worth it. For more information and a way to buy tickets, simply click this link. Okay, now onwards to today’s edition of Pick Your Poison. I’ll advise you to check out tracks from A Lull, Big Wave Riders, King Tuff, Marissa Nadler, The Olivia Tremor Control, Skatan and State Faults. In the Soundcloud section, don’t miss streaming songs from CocoRosie, Melody’s Echo Chamber and Passion Pit.

A Lull – Summer Dress

Big Wave Riders – Waiting in the Wings

Cheers Elephant – Leaves

Easter Island – Frightened

Joe Jackson – I’m Beginning to See the Light

King Tuff – Keep On Movin’

Linfinity – Miles

Marissa Nadler – Apostle

Mike Scheidt – In Your Light

The Olivia Tremor Control – The Game You Play Is In Your Head (Parts 1, 2 and 3)

Seventeen Evergreen – Burn the Fruit (Pegasus)

Shake the Baron – Big Sur
Shake the Baron – Jones

Skatan – Control

Snowmine – Saucer Eyes

State Faults – Arrowhead

YUZIMA – I Go Out (GLT.82.Remix)

Zebra and Snake – Money in Heaven (Kashii Remix)


CocoRosie – We Are On Fire

House of Wolves – Ageless

Melody’s Echo Chamber – Crystallized

Natureboy – Blow To The Head

Passion Pit – Take a Walk

Starlings, TN – (Tonight) I’m Just Looking To Get Laid