Sigh. It’s Friday, and another week has wrapped up. I don’t know why, but I’m just not quite in a weekend sort of mood right now. Perhaps it’s because I’m headed out to New York for a few days and won’t have the chance to really enjoy it. It’s not a business trip, but fun, touristy stuff is sort of out of the question. The last time I was in NYC was a few years ago for CMJ, and while I didn’t do any tourist stuff then, at least I was bouncing from concert venue to concert venue around the city seeing great live music. This time I’ll be treated to a wedding, which is a happy occasion, but every other day will be spent with my extended family. That translates to about 20 people, meaning getting around and going anywhere will be a huge hassle. Even eating at a restaurant will likely be a whole affair. Maybe I’ll try to slip away and explore the city a bit under cover of darkness. I’ll let you know how it goes. That aside, I’d like to also remind you as I do weekly that Faronheit has a Facebook page. I’d super appreciate it if you’d click the “Like” button over there. As for your weekend-starting Pick Your Poison, I’ll give a thumbs up to tracks from Frenetics, Night Noise Team, Oberhofer (covering Kanye West), Riverboat Gamblers, Tassels, and White Rabbits (performing their track “I’m Not Me” in Spanish!). The Soundcloud section is great too, with streaming songs from Dana Buoy, Guillemots, and Mister Lies. Have a great weekend!

Buttonhead – Champion Bread

Erik Gundel – Then I Noticed the Time

Frenetics – Ella

Night Noise Team – Picking Up the Pieces

Noah and the MegaFauna – On and On

Oberhofer – Runaway (Kanye West cover)

Psymbionic – Ride With Me (VIP Mix)

Riverboat Gamblers – Comedians

Samsa – Vorsprung

Shadows on Stars – Now You’re Mine
Shadows on Stars – When It Builds

Tassels – Shake Them Shackles

Thom Bowden – Nevermore

T.T.L. – Deep Shadow (Vocal Version)

White Rabbits – No Soy Yo


Dana Buoy – Satellite Ozone

Guillemots – Up On The Ride

Mister Lies – Cleam

Sean Bones – Cobra Trips

Vacationer – Trip (Giraffage Remix)

Vuvuvultures – I’ll Cut You